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DREAM CATCHER NECKLACES ! 16 Hand Made Necklaces ! Only $1.50 ea.!

DREAM CATCHER NECKLACES ! 16 Hand Made Necklaces ! Only $1.50 ea.!

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    DREAM CATCHER NECKLACES ! You get 16 Hand Made Necklaces ! Only $1.50 ea.!
    Beautifuly Hand crafted in Colored ceramic, beads, nylon and feathers! Also, has easy adjustable nylon neck string!
    NOTE! These are Carfully Hand Crafted by artisans in Peru ! Not to be mistaken by other novelty copies.
    Proven sellers at all events! Buy yours today !
    Dreamcatcher is a tool used by various Native American Indian tribes to separate the bad, from the good. A dreamcatcher protects the sleeper from bad dreams and negative influences. In addition, some tribes believe that dreamcatchers also represent the circle of life. With birth starting at the outer rim, the web represents the cycles of life with old age returning a person back to an infant life state, completing the circle.

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